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My publications include three books, Wir schaffen das! Sieben Tipps zur Kommunikation für einen erfolgreichen Generationenwechsel (2016, Elster Verlag), Wenn Familie den Laden schmeisst (2001, Orell Füssli Verlag, Zürich) and ERBEN in Familienunternehmen. Die Unternehmensnachfolge konfliktfrei regeln (2008, Orell Füssli Verlag, Zürich) (only available in German). My German site contains a full list of my publications as well as a list of recommended links (mostly in German). 

My contribution to "Transfer of Wealth - Opportunities and Limits" (Family Business Network of Switzerland) (p. 23-29) is available as a PDF in English.

In our newsletter archive, you will find recommendations on interesting publications on the topic of family businesses and family offices (only available in German).