Philosophy - Our work is all about your business

Families are the heart of our society. They are based on mutual trust, respect, tolerance even when opinions differ, and a sense of responsibility.

In our consulting work for family businesses, we are committed to the same values, since they are of equal importance for families and businesses.

Almost every family business will sooner or later have to deal with the question of succession planning. We have observed that successors from the same family have been on the decline in recent years. There are various reasons for this:

  • Larger companies may acquire family businesses in order to increase their market share. Investors, many of whom are family offices, may be looking for innovative companies in various industries in order to grow further and diversify their assets.
  • Some families have no successor, but are reluctant to leave their business to a manager who is not part of their family.
  • Numerous businesses, unable to keep up with the latest innovations, disappear from the market.
  • Many businesses lack good solutions for communication and decision making processes. They have no communication system that works for both the family and the company.

These are very complex problems that are emotionally charged – for the families as well as for the employees of a family business. Nevertheless, these questions need to be addressed!

In order to make this possible for you even in times of transformation or conflict, we offer you broadly based support founded on an empathic and tailor-made approach.

We aim to support families in drawing up a suitable strategy and finding the right solutions to match their business.