Case study 3: Conflicts & crises

A succession-related family conflict.


The company

The successful company manufactures precision instruments for the medical industry. The father and founder of the company wants to hand over the company to his four children.

Our role

When parents pass things on to their children, conflicts can break out between the siblings. The parents passed this company on to three of the four siblings. One daughter had no interest in working in the company or owning shares and was paid off. The other three siblings acquired equal shares in the company. The new strategic direction of expanding into the USA on the one hand and manufacturing the company’s products in Poland on the other led to major differences between the siblings. They were also in disagreement about working methods and values within the organisation.

The solution process

Co-mediation with P. Riederer and Yell AG was proposed to and accepted by the family at the outset. This approach was welcomed by all the people involved. It was a step-by-step approach involving all parties. Potential solutions were explored in one-on-one discussions. A decision was reached after several mediation meetings that one of the brothers would be paid off and leave the company. The two remaining siblings would continue to run the company. The third generation is already interested in joining the firm. AG
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